More visitors

Shoua, Yer, and me

Over the 21 year history of the Marketing Academy, we have had many of what we call legacies, the siblings of previous graduates.  The Lor girls count as a triple legacy.  Their older sister took classes in the business department and was our department aide in her senior year.  The younger sisters came along, went through the marketing program and took off for college in the Sacramento area.  Shoua went to Sac State and Yer is finishing at UC Davis this year.  I adore these girls.  They are smart, funny, and kind.  And today they came to lunch at the tiny apartment.

We went for a walk around the neighborhood:

The Peter Pan tent

At the Levi Headquarters

And then we came back to the tiny apartment for lunch, overlooking the bay:

You can see Yer’s work at her design blog.  Shoua works for the State of California.

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2 responses to “More visitors

  1. Looks like a lovely day. And such a blessing to be visited by such special guests. Your home must be vibrating with the love of all your recent visitors~

    • Lynn these are the girls with whom your former students are friends. I told them about you, and our connection.

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