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Sweet November 16-warm

The weather has been warm for November. No rain yet and the temperatures in the 50s in the mornings, 70s in the afternoon. The mountains got a dusting of snow a week or so ago, and we had noticed that the highs in Yosemite had been in the 50s so expected cooler temperatures there than in Fresno. We dressed in layers and took jackets, gloves and coats on our trip Friday to Mariposa Grove.

What with hiking, the sun, my hooded sweatshirt, scarf and a couple of other layers, I was pretty comfortable when we set off on the trail so I left my coat in the car. Here I am at the first bridge: SONY DSC

Terry had a heavy jacket and his hat on but he was cold for most of the hike. I was usually ahead of him, walking at a faster pace and probably stopping less often to take pictures. SONY DSC

By the time we started back, I had stripped the sweatshirt off and just had the scarf around my shoulders. Being in the sun made a difference, too.SONY DSC

Sitting down for lunch, though, in a shady spot, I decided I needed the sweatshirt again to warm up. Terry was still in his jacket and hat. He never did warm up until we got back to the car and then down the hill.

Although 51 degrees when we left Yosemite, the temperature soon came up and by the time we pulled into Fresno it was 64 degrees. Maybe the days are getting cooler.

Sweet November 15-leaves

The weather here is amazing. Still warm and dry for November. It’s really not good for our water situation, but great for humans to get out and see the spectacular autumn colors.

We kept hearing about the beautiful colors in Yosemite and then an article ran in the local paper about Mariposa Grove being closed to automobiles after this season. It was definitely time for a trip to Yosemite.

The Mariposa Grove of big trees is on the south end of the park so it’s only 90 minutes from our house. We were on the trail by 9:45, hiked for a couple of hours, and then enjoyed our picnic lunch behind the gift shop which is closed for the season and will be removed from the area before next season.

On our way home we stopped at a new candy store in Oakhurst. It’s a new building and new name for Oakhurst, but the same candy company from Three Rivers where we have gone for 40 years. The candy is made in Three Rivers at their store using old family recipes from Germany. Although a nice shop, the Oakhurst location doesn’t hold a candle to the Three Rivers store. But the candy is just as good.






Summer walk in November



I’ve been going out each day for a walk. Today I should have made my trek around the neighborhood during the cooler morning hours. Or, I should have changed into my summer shorts before heading out. I nearly collapsed from heat stroke. Again, our temperatures are in the 80s.

The picture is one of the streets in our development. Hot sun and pretty fall colors.

Still summer time here in California

Although it is officially autumn, our weather has felt more summer-like the past two days. Today it is 81 degrees at 1 p.m. We might hit 90 by 5. I turned on all the house fans today as I have been baking and will continue later this afternoon.

This morning I made a piecrust of ginger snaps, pecans, and oats. It baked for about 10 minutes. Then I poured in a mixture of browned butter, sweet potato, sugar, cream, eggs, and spices to make the most delicious pie. That had to bake for 20 minutes. A rib roast will be the last thing from my oven for dinner this evening. Another 100 minutes of heat coming from the oven and filling my kitchen air.

Due to the warm weather, I decided to clean the patio again, maybe for the last time this year. Of course, it could still be warm at Thanksgiving at the rate we are going with our seasons. We got our flu shots today, so we are ready when the cold weather does come.

The view in Fresno

I’ve shared many a look-see out the window of the tiny apartment at the bay and bridge, but I don’t have too many from the house in Fresno. My view is just a mid-70s tract housing subdivision, looking across the street at other homes that look much like ours. It’s a delightful neighborhood, though, and in the fall, the trees are quite colorful. Here are a couple of pictures taken right after our last rain storm that cleaned the air so well:

The next door neighbor's house

Our house, can you see it behind that big tree?

From the porch

Autumn in the backyard

Autumn in the backyard

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Although there is none of the usual tule fog for Thanksgiving in the Central Valley, the reason is bad news for us–no rain. The drought continues. Our weather is so glorious, the light is so golden, the trees are beautifully dressed in reds, yellows, and oranges. The smell of autumn is intoxicating as we have so many bay trees and citrus trees. Someone should make a perfume with that recipe.

With a whole week away from school for the holiday, I have plenty of time to rake leaves and linger in the backyard to enjoy this beautiful time of the year. Today, after taking care of the newly fallen foliage, I sat on the greenhouse wall and read and wrote in my journal. Behind me, in the saddle of the pear tree, a squirrel was munching on the nuts I had left there. He did not appreciate my presence even though I am the source of his bounty.

Suddenly there are leaves, small pears, and other debris, raining down on my head. The squirrel had scurried up above me and was shaking the branches. Perhaps he was only trying to pry lose some of the pears for his own lunch, but after I got up and left, I could see him nibbling the nuts again. He too is enjoying the lovely fall weather in the backyard.

Fall? Already?

It’s only early August, but fall is coming.  I saw this leaf in my yard yesterday

so I know my mulberry tree is getting ready for fall.  School starts in another week, and that’s a sure sign of fall, or at least it used to be.  Remember when we didn’t go back to school until AFTER Labor Day?  I’m not campaigning for a return to that schedule, though, because I prefer to finish the semester BEFORE Christmas break.  We have too many kids who go to Mexico for Christmas and don’t return in time to take finals if we end the semester in January as we did in days of old.

Although my tree is dropping its leaves, school is starting, and the days are getting shorter, our weather will stay summer like for another two months.   No woolen plaids for me yet.