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The change-over

Today I made the big change–bought the iPhone 4S so I could keep my email address; bought Lion operating system so I could sync the phone with the computer; changed over to iCloud so all these pieces will work together. In all that I gained, I lost my Adobe CS2. I am hopeful I will be okay until I can upgrade those products. Having just finished the big history project I felt safe in doing this. I love technology, just wish it was less expensive.

Keeping up with technology can be hard

Kay’s blog post about their new iPhone made me realize I have to make some decisions. I usually make decisions quickly and easily, and I certainly don’t sit around moaning and kvetching about what to do. Not with this decision. Oh, my.

I have had my iPhone for almost three years. I LOVE it, using it more as a computer than phone. I am not a fan of talking on the phone, whether land line or cellular. I do text quite a bit, using the iPhone, and I take lots of pictures with the camera. All of my photos from the computer are on the phone as well as all of my iTunes downloads. My granddaughter has been using my iPhone since she was 18 months old to play games and she too loves to look at the photos on it. Often she is reminded of something that has made her happy and she wants to revisit and redo. But, here’s the bad part–the phone is three years old and does not have the latest OS, nor can it be upgraded to the latest. Oh, my.

So, I need a new phone if I plan to keep my me mail account, which I certainly want to do. I want to have iCloud and keep all my Apple gadgets sinc’d.  My MacBook Pro is quite capable of being upgraded to the new OS, which is now named Lion. So, what’s the hangup? I have very old versions of Adobe software on the computer–InDesign and PhotoShop. The old versions will not operate with the new OS. I love these applications and it will be very costly to replace them. Along with the cost of the new phone. Oh, my.

So, I sit here, being indecisive. Soon, though, I will make an appointment with my dear Apple genius and will go in to the Apple store and get my new phone and get it all sinc’d with my computer. Life will go on. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Old fashioned

We still have a land-line phone in our house.  It occasionally rings.  There is an answering machine that almost always gets to the call before I can.  If I am expecting someone to call, I will run like crazy to catch the call before the machine picks up because it is so screechy and annoying to have the machine pick up at the same time as me, the live answering machine.

Most evenings, though, when I am home, after a grueling day at school, I just sit and let the machine play through.  Tonight, one of those evenings, the machine only got through half its spiel…”you have reached the Zody residence; please leave your….”  Whoever was on the other end, and most likely not a live body but rather a robot, did not wait to hear all of my words.

There are few people I call and even fewer who call me.  We use email (which I love).  Even my new iPhone gets used very little for phone calls, but rather for internet (or 3G) technology.  The world has changed.  Having a phone that plugs in to the wall is pretty old fashioned.

I’m one of those grandmas

I carry a small photo album of pictures of my granddaughter with me everywhere I go.  All it takes is one mention of the new grand baby and I pull out the album.

I also have photos on my iPhone to show those who don’t mind handling a piece of technology.  Older people, though, seem to frown on my iPhone pics and want printed ones to look at so I keep the album updated.  However, some of the photos my daughter posts on her Facebook page are too small to send to the printer but do work in an electronic environment.  Here is one of those pictures:


Because I am one of those grandmas that brags on my grandkid (I only have one), I just had to post this picture of Leeya.  As you may have guessed, it is also the wallpaper picture on my iPhone right now.

Life returns to a little normal (whatever that is)

The best message on the answering machine when we arrived home today was the one from the Apple store.  My MAC was fixed and ready to be picked up.  I almost flew out the door to get it, but I did take long enough to unpack the suitcases and sort laundry.

My wonderful computer is home with a new battery, track pad, and back door, all ready for me to catch up on email, photos, Flickr, and this blog.  I have missed all the stuff I can easily do on this machine.  My iPhone is great, and I really am glad to have it, but it doesn’t take the place of this machine.

So, dear Reader, in between loads of laundry, packing, and catching up on mail and newspapers, I will jot a few posts here to fill you in on what and where I have been.   Even without my beloved computer, it was still a great week.

I love the Apple store (and others)

Let me tell you, dear Reader, about some of my customer service experiences today.  

I had a lesson at the Apple store for my new iPhone and the service, as usual at Apple, was wonderful.  The girl leading the lesson was very knowledgeable and very patient with her five students.  I left there feeling much smarter.  No one tried to sell me anything.  The store was filled with customers.

Before I went to Apple, I popped into Sephora to see about some blush.  The young lady who helped me was so helpful that I not only got the blush but also a foaming face wash and got checked out in under 10 minutes.  That service sure made me smile.  Again, the store was full of customers and they were buying.

So, my question here is:  why can’t the whole world operate like the Apple store, or even Sephora?  When you stop to think about it, these companies are doing well and others aren’t.  Hmmm.