We are dinosaurs 

…or at least our television (circa early 90s) and Terry’s car (1991) are. Oh, and much of our furniture. The guest room furniture will be 50 years old next year. The wall unit pictured below (where the TV resides) is over 40 years old. I’ve moved it a couple of times.

Unlike the dinosaurs, though, these items function quite well for us. I was reading a blog where the inhabitants have just installed a 60-inch TV in their living room. We have no wall that would accommodate anything that size.

Terry’s car functions quite well, too. He bought it new, always garaged it and serviced it regularly. We drove it to Yosemite last week and it performed quite well and was very comfortable.

We could fit a new car into our garage, but not into our budget.

People who live in dust bowls…

…have to dust their furniture more often.

Due to the lack of rain, less watering, and increased wind, we are living in a dust bowl. I can dust one day and the next day every surface is covered with a fine film of the stuff.

Did I mention that I hate to dust? It is the most despised of all the household tasks around here. Fortunately, Terry runs the vacuum cleaner quite often which helps somewhat with the dust, but when I come into the living room, with the sun blazing in and lighting up the dust specks on the glass top tables, I know it’s time to get the dusting cloths and get to work. That was this morning.

Then there is the patio. It has always been hard to keep clean, but with the winds we’ve been experiencing, I am fighting a winless battle. I will sweep the patio and it will look good for a couple of hours. Then the winds start blowing in the afternoon and the dirt and leaves come sailing back in. There was a reprieve for a few days and I was just beginning to think I could sweep again and it would look good, but no, the winds whipped up overnight and now I have leaves out there again. I’m in no hurry to get the broom out and do that task knowing full well that there is a slight forecast for rain later this week. We may not get the rain, but the wind will blow.

Think I’ll just do a load of laundry before I head off to Good News Club. I feel like I accomplish something when I do laundry. Not so much with that dusting.


Can you follow directions?

This week’s story for the first graders is about following directions.

 A farmer, Mr. Gumpy, has a boat on which a whole menagerie asks to ride. He gives each rider specific directions so as not to rock the boat, but they disregard the directions and eventually all fall overboard. 

Mr. Gumpy is very calm about everything and they all go back to his house for tea. Sure turns out well for what could be a tragedy. My goal is to encourage the kids to follow the directions of adults. 

I made stick puppets of the various characters so the first graders can participate in the story. 


Writing about writing

What to write about?

When to write?

Who reads this?

All questions I am pondering this Sunday morning. Beautiful morning that it is. The sun is streaming in, lighting up the dining room wall as I eat breakfast and read the Sunday newspaper. As I read a few columns and opinion pieces, my mind wanders to this blog and those questions start rattling around in my head. Perhaps I will write this post like I do my journal entries, just throw the words on the paper (computer screen in this case) and see what lands and sticks.

What to write about…I am all over the place with this but seldom do I go very deep or allow much of my internal voice to be heard. It seems most posts are about what we are doing around here. Work, recreation, grandchildren, friends. Sometimes I will post about the anguish I’m feeling over a certain event, but I try not to get too maudlin.

When to write…many bloggers have a schedule and they stick to it. Two days a week, every other day, only on weekdays. Again, I’m all over the place. I write whenever the notion hits. Again, much like I do with my journal. Most weeks I am too busy to write every day even though ideas pop into my head. I love to read other blogs on a daily basis and leave my words on those pages rather than putting them on my own. I take so many pictures every day, thinking I’ll write about what I just photographed, but later, when looking at the picture, I decide it’s too mundane for a blog post but okay to put on Instagram or Facebook. I’m doing less and less on Facebook and more on Instagram so I can just have a place for all those photos. I figure my Facebook audience doesn’t care to see so many photos.

Which brings me to that last question…who reads this…probably my biggest question. Although I love to write about anything and everything, one is taught to write for an audience. I must be doing a very poor job of this. My numbers over the years have stayed pretty much the same. I get a few new readers yet I think others may drop away. Lots of “views,” but very few comments which makes me think I don’t do a good job of engaging the reader. I will read other blogs and be amazed at all of the comments.

Time is up. I gave myself a few minutes to get this written and now I must go put on my face and get into wardrobe for today’s “role.”

Sunny mornings

By 8 o’clock the sun is high in the sky and blazing in the living room window. I have to draw the drapes for a couple of hours after having just opened them at sunrise around 6:30. 


I was up early on a Saturday as it’s our day to run the sprinklers for a few minutes. The weatherman is promising a rain storm later next week which I hope comes through. We are parched. As are the mountains. 

We drove up to Yosemite yesterday and were shocked to see all the creeks dry. Trees are dying by the thousands. Even the iconic falls in Yosemite Valley are just small trickles in comparison to their raging waters of years past. 

The dogwoods were blooming which was our main reason to go. I don’t think I can stand going again until this drought has ended. The devastation is heartbreaking. 



“I don’t have any friends”

I met a second grader yesterday in the cafeteria. Although I eat with and talk mainly to the first graders in the cafeteria as they are my assignment, the second graders are having lunch at the same time so I chat with them, too, trying to get them to eat their veggies or encouraging them to remain seated and quiet. This little girl practically climbed into my lap while I edited and uploaded my photo of the day’s lunch. She wanted to see what I was doing.

I was curious about this little girl as she has some evident health issues which may have caused her to have a bit of a speech impediment. It took me quite awhile to learn her name, finally asking her to spell her name as I could not understand what she was saying. I gave her a couple of coloring pages that I had in my bag. She started to return one of the pages, saying she only needed one. I told her to share with a friend.

“I don’t have any friends.”

You can imagine my heartbreak. I came home and prayed for this child who has some health issues and no friends.

Today she had a girl with her who told me she is a friend. I was so thankful. They both hugged me when I gave them stickers. Such small things make them so happy.

No cooking

We finally went out to dinner. Wednesday was a busy day for me so I was happy to not think about what to fix for our evening meal and then fixing it. 

We chose a Mexican restaurant that is fairly new and is within walking distance. The weather was perfect at late afternoon as the winds had died down, the sun was shining, but not blazing.  Perfect walking weather. 

Terry ordered tamale verde and enchilada verde. 


I got fish tacos and beans. 


Tonight it’s back to eating at home but be assured it will be a simple meal because today is jam-packed with activities. I’m also planning a picnic lunch for Friday when we are heading to Yosemite as the dogwoods are blooming.