Let the holiday season begin

Our kids will be arriving late tonight. Leeya and Judah both have school today unlike the local schools who take the whole week off for Thanksgiving. 

I have done a bit of cooking already but still have the bulk of our vegan Thanksgiving to prepare. Chad’s parents will be here for the meal and so his mom is making a few of her signature dishes. We will have an abundance of food. 

I’m serving a fall tabbouleh made with raw beets and carrots; acorn squash soup; autumn risotto made with brown rice, cranberries, apples, and pumpkin; bruschetta for my son-in-law; mashed potatoes; and stuffing muffins topped with whipped yams. I shucked 3 pomegranates this morning to juice along with cranberries and tangerines to add to sparkling cider. 

Terry washed windows and mowed the front yard while I cleaned the patio. That was on Monday. Last night the wind blew and the rain poured so the patio is no longer clean, but I took a picture just to know what it can look like:


I’m hoping the rain will have blown over by tomorrow so the kids can play outside. Judah and Leeya will stay with us through Sunday. If the weather remains wet and cold, I have craft projects for them to work on indoors. We might even get out the Christmas decorations since it really is the holiday season.  

The weekend before Thanksgiving 

Yes, I have grocery shopping that I must still do. There is food prep. The house is desperate for a good cleaning. Even though it will be a mess by the end of next week, I would like to start with a clean house. The patio and back yard need work before the grandkids head out there to play. And yet, here I am, taking care of me on this early Saturday morning.

After my hairdresser finishes, I will head back home to that assortment of chores.

Yesterday was delightful with the first graders and their Thanksgiving feast. I was happy to be included.

The teachers were so ready for their holiday to begin. These four teachers work well together and expend big energy on their students. They definitely need a holiday week.

The week’s not over just yet

Today should be the last day of my week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are my work days so it always feels like Friday by the time I wrap up Thursday afternoon. This week, though, I have an invitation to return to the elementary school on Friday afternoon and join the first graders for their Thanksgiving Feast.

I plan to go but in plain clothes, not my chaplain’s uniform. I will be their guest and let the small children entertain me. They have been filling me in these past two days with what they are planning to bring and what we will do. It all sounds delightful.

It is a beautiful fall afternoon here. The sun is low on the horizon and lights up the family room each afternoon. I would love for it to be like this next Thursday when we have Thanksgiving dinner here but the forecast is for rain which we need so I can’t complain. It’s nice to sit out here in this sunlit room to do my writing for now.

The pencil sharpener 


I don’t remember where it came from. Did we buy this pencil sharpener?  Maybe for use at school when I started teaching? Did it come from the company that closed up shop while Terry was working for it, giving all the office supplies to laid off employees? Perhaps. We have an air tight storage cabinet in the garage from that company’s demise. Terry has always said he never left a company, the company left him. It’s happened twice. 
But back to that pencil sharpener. It sits in the computer room, on my desk. I use it weekly. It does a good job of sharpening my colored pencils as well as the regular black leaded ones, too. I like a sharp point. 

Since I have colored pencils for the kids to use with crafts, those too must be sharpened. There are about 125 pencils. A lot of wear and tear on the old sharpener. I had considered using the very new and stylish sharpener in the faculty workroom at the school. After all, the pencils are for the school’s students.  Then, on Friday, as I sat in the workroom, waiting for school to end, one of the kindergarten teachers came through, stuck her pencil in said sharpener but quickly yanked it out. 

“Oh, I forgot  that pencil sharpener doesn’t work. I’ll use the one in the front office.”

There went my idea of saving my sharpener. Yesterday I finally felt well enough to unload the crafting supplies from my car and take care of those colored pencils so they’ll be ready for Christmas crafting. My old Panasonic machine did the job just fine. Sometimes the old stuff works better than the more stylish new machines. 

Super lazy Saturday

Do you ever have one of those days when it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and you are still in your pajamas? That is me today. I woke up with the beginnings of a migraine but with hopes of pushing it off with an Excedrin. Didn’t work so tried a Claritin thinking it was just a sinus headache. Nope. Finally, at 10:30 I gave up and took an Imitrex. The pain, along with the meds, made me feel very lazy so not much has been accomplished today.

A few loads of laundry. Some copies for next week’s storytelling (Tacky the Penguin). Roast beef sandwiches for lunch. A quick preview of Good News Story for which I am responsible (the Samaritan leper) on Tuesday.

I should have unloaded all the crafting materials from my car. It is all still there, in the back, just where I put everything when I loaded up the leftovers yesterday after 24 small children used every sticker and roll of decorative tape that I brought. The colored pencils need to be sharpened. The glue sticks need to be replaced. All the leftover colored paper needs to be sorted back into file folders for another project day. It’s not happening today, though. My body is refusing to move out to the garage, much less open that door to Pandora’s box of crafting supplies.

Then there is the prep I should be doing for the next after school craft day. Just three weeks away. Plenty of time…

Fortunately there were sandwich makings in the house for lunch. Not a whole lot else, though. Today was supposed to be grocery shopping, you know, after I unloaded the craft supplies. Two different stores. A list of items both for the upcoming week and to replenish pantry supplies. A vegan Thanksgiving dinner  as well as sundry vegan meals must be planned as our kids will be here in less than two weeks for the next holiday. My head is resistant, though, to planning and making shopping lists. My body unwilling to get ready to make the trips to the grocery stores.

So, here I sit, on the couch with my laptop, still in my pajamas, typing this post. It’s about all my brain and body feel up to for now.

It’s been a week 

Even though there was a holiday midweek, it has been a full week. Tuesday I gave three school tours at Kearney Mansion. I start the tours in the entry way, standing on the stairs. 

That wallpaper was designed in France specifically for these walls and is 112 years old.  
After the tours I drove back into town and taught The Lord’s Prayer to students at Good News Club. 

On Thursday and Friday I read this book to first graders


And ate these school lunches 


 Now I’m waiting for school to be out to go do crafts with the kids who are in the after school program. 

Next week will bring new adventures. Have a great weekend.  

I’ve been here 8 years

I got a message from WordPress this morning with greetings for my anniversary with WordPress.com. I’ve been registered on WordPress.com for 8 years. My how time has flown.

When I started this, I had little idea what a blog was and how WordPress even operated. I didn’t know what to name the thing so just went with what WordPress gave me, Dkzody Weblog. Worked for me then, guess it still works. WordPress has been a good place for my blog. It’s easy to use from the computer or from my iPhone. All I do is write, throw on a few pictures if I wish, and press publish. WordPress does the rest.

This blog was the first of my social media sites, and it’s one that I’ve stayed with and used the most. Well, Instagram is gaining as I post there almost every day, usually more than one photo. I have almost 1400 photos there and almost 1600 posts here. I have 16,000 tweets, but many of those are retweets from others, so I can’t honestly count those.

To all of you dear Readers, thank you for coming by and checking on my scribbles. I appreciate your notes to me. It’s so nice to hear from one’s audience.