Three more weeks

I just read another blog where the writer wrote of students’ last day and turning in keys.  Those were the days–when school ended by Memorial Day.  Haven’t had a year like that for awhile now.  We still have three more weeks of school, two with seniors.  I have to remember, at this time, our three week Christmas vacation, the whole week at Thanksgiving, and an extra day after Easter.  

Since others are done, and starting summer vacation, I am getting very antsy for my time to come.  We still have lots to do, though, so I am not bemoaning the extra time too much.  I have to pass out yearbooks, celebrate the Academy graduation, attend a few retirement celebrations for those who don’t plan to return after summer break, make it to big graduation, and then get grades done for the underclassmen.  The sophomores have two BIG projects to finish.  The last 13 days will certainly be busy ones.


5 responses to “Three more weeks

  1. certainabsurdity

    This is our first year without 2 weeks at xmas so we’re out on June 5th. Normally we’re out about a week later. So it’s a novelty this year to be done “early”. Hang in there. The nice thing is that it actually does come to an end and you get to start over. Fresh.

  2. Education is the one career where you have a clean stop and start each year. You can always see the end of the tunnel.

  3. @dkzody A comment on your comment…
    “Education is the one career where you have a clean stop and start each year.”
    That is so true. It seems every year I am ready to stop by December and reinvent myself again with a start of a new year. I am still at the point in my career where each year is so very different than the previous one. I often tell kids who come back to visit that they would not even recognize our class anymore it has changed so much…whether they graduated ten years ago or one year ago.

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  5. Next year I get to reinvent myself as a teacher. I will no longer teach a class I have taught for 18 years and will be teaching a new class with material I am not yet comfortable. I am also planning to revamp the yearbook as I am tired of the same old lineup.

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