Crazy clothes day

Today was the first day of Homecoming Week and the theme was crazy socks day.  I didn’t wear any crazy socks, but when I came home, exhausted after working for two hours on faculty photos for the yearbook and still not done, I put my shirt on inside-out.  It was only when my husband came in from mowing the lawn did he point it out.  Oh well, by then I had been that way for over a half hour.  Why change.  Maybe that can be a theme day next year–wear everything inside out.


2 responses to “Crazy clothes day

  1. We have the crazy socks and ties day on Wednesday this week. I had never heard of that and was surprised to read that it was one of your spirit days too. I’m still not really wearing socks these days, so I don’t know if I’ll participate.

  2. My favorite HC Week Spirit Day is PJ Day. We didn’t have it last year, and I was so disappointed! I always purchase a new pair of winter jammies for the occasion! 🙂

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