Summer is put in storage

Upon leaving college in December 1999, our daughter hauled furniture and furnishings back to Fresno from Oregon, knowing that in a few months she would pack it all up again and move to Berkeley for graduate school.  I did not want all this stuff in my tiny house, so we rented a storage unit nearby, in our daughter’s name.  

It’s now almost December 2008, and we still have that storage unit, still in Jen’s name.  We tease her that should one of us kill the other and put the body in the storage unit, she would be blamed.  She just rolls her eyes and goes on about her business, which by the way, is not to pay the rent on the unit.  I have always paid, and continue to do so.  Most of the stuff now belongs to me.

After Jen moved all of her belongings out, I realized there was plenty of space for me to deposit some items I no longer wanted in my way.  It started with Christmas decorations, then boxes of books, and now patio furniture in the off season.  Saturday was my day to clean all the patio furniture and haul it to the unit.  Here is the result:

And then I put it all under wraps for the winter:


5 responses to “Summer is put in storage

  1. certainabsurdity

    I laughed out loud about the body in the storage unit!

  2. You know, we’re known for that here in Fresno. Larissa Schuster put her husband in a vat of acid and put it all in her storage unit, not far from us. It’s a big joke in our family, especially since Terry and I have been married 33+ years.

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