Best & worst cities for women

Want to know how your town fares in being a healthy spot?  Women’s Health Magazine has this great visual to let you see how you are doing.  Fresno, my hometown, not so good.

And to all my great guy readers, here’s the site for you.  Don’t want to be sexist.

2 responses to “Best & worst cities for women

  1. Well, it looks like DC is tops in fitness, anyway! And San Francisco, where my sister and her family live, has some good points, too. Don’t think I’d ever even consider visiting Bakersfield, though. If it wasn’t good for Tom Joad’s health, it wouldn’t be any good for mine! BTW, I’ve got a holiday snap of a different kind for you on Sx3 tomorrow…please do stop by!

  2. It looks like if I go across the river my rankings go up. Interesting!

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