The teacher goes to class

I believe that all teachers should continue learning and I think they should take classes that make them feel a little dumb so they will know how their students feel.  Today was an easy class, which every student deserves to have.

Today’s class was offered by my district’s instructional technology office.  I took a little HP mini notebook from my set of 14 so I could see how it would work with real live student use.  The instructional tech office has nice laptops, but they are not what I will have in the classroom.

I used PhotoStory 3 for Windows to make a little video which I then turned into mpeg4, using different software, and then uploaded to podOmatic.  The little notebook did just fine with the software and I had no problem with doing the voiceover using the built-in microphone.

I think I will use PhotoStory 3 with my multimedia students at the beginning of the year to show off their 3 photos a week that I require when we first start class.  By the end of the first month, they have a nice little photo library that they can use for PhotoShop projects, but at the beginning we discuss the make up of the photos and what makes a good photo.  This will help them get their pictures ready each week.

It was a fast morning, which is just the way I like for a class to go.  In July I am taking two classes on building web sites using the district’s software.


2 responses to “The teacher goes to class

  1. Hello, I found your wonderful blog.. I hope your experience will help me with my question.

    Were you able to figure out better fix for getting Photostory 3 to recognize the internal mic? I am frustrated too. If kids click “Yes” to the wizard to change the audio setting it defaults to the external mic and wee have to dig into the control panel to get the internal mic back.

    If students click “NO” to the Photostory wizard, the internal mic works, however, this clicking of “no” is necessary everytime. I know that we can’t expect our little ones to click “no” every time.

    I hope you have a solution! I have been searching for answers for days.

    Thank you.

  2. I think this is all a computer hardware glitch, not the software.

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