Eat a good breakfast

Proper nutrition helps the brain and body and it’s good for one’s mood, too.  I find this with my high school students who don’t eat properly…they are grumpy, tired, not very interested in anything.  Many of them are obese because they don’t eat breakfast and then come to school with a bag of chips and a soda.  Where do kids get the money for the junk?

Yesterday, while working with elementary age kids at Vacation Bible School, I saw the same thing.  A little girl, who says she does not eat breakfast, is lethargic, behaves badly, is non-cooperative, and complains about being hungry.  I think mom may just be too rushed in the mornings to feed the child.  Perhaps VBS needs to do what we do in the public schools, feed the kids breakfast.


2 responses to “Eat a good breakfast

  1. For the last 4 years , our church does Family Fun Nights (aka VBS) on Wednesday evenings in the early Spring.
    A team cooks supper in the kitchen of the building so the families can come straight from jobs and daycare.
    It does work out rather nicely.

    I sign on as cook for the food committee every year because I work with kids at my paycheck job, so I see ’em from a different angle.

  2. Social workers actually have a name for this: Potato Chip Syndrome. Saw many kids like this when we lived in DC. They’d be walking to the elementary school around the corner from our house, chips and sodas in hand. This “diet” perpetuates not only obesity but ignorance. If they don’t get the proper nutrition before the age of 5, we’ve lost them.

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