Bits of my weekend

We were in San Francisco, at the apartment, this weekend.  Arriving late Friday afternoon, we could see our building cast its shadow over  the Embarcadero:

It was a lovely afternoon, perfect for a walk to the nearby Safeway.  The next morning, however, was overcast with the marine layer but I made it to the Ferry Building’s farmer market and bought some produce:

Later we headed to San Mateo to celebrate our granddaughter’s first birthday with a party in the park:

Sunday was the Bay to Breakers race.  I baked biscuits and enjoyed the site from our window:

I did get down to the sidewalk just as the race started:

The weather was overcast and cool for most of the weekend.  We returned to Fresno where the temperatures had been closer to 90.  Today, it’s raining.  Such crazy weather for May.


5 responses to “Bits of my weekend

  1. My mom and I walked the Bay to Breakers about 8 years ago. My mom didn’t know what the race was all about. Talk about culture shock! It was fun though. 🙂

  2. They mentioned the Bay to Breakers race on NPR Sunday morning while I was waking up. It sounds totally crazy!

    • It is pretty wild, Kathy, but also lots of fun. 60,000 people in the streets, crossing the city, all in costume.

  3. Market fresh produce and biscuits! What’re you doing to my diet?

  4. Looks like a fun weekend – and what a great view!

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