Living one’s life online

The world has gotten smaller, what with all this technology we have at our fingertips, literally.  I am glad I have lived long enough to see this, and I marvel at what my granddaughter’s future will be like.  I’m sure my grandmother never for an instant would have dreamed of the communication tools I would enjoy, as well as many other marvels, like microwave cooking!

Because of this blog, and my other online connections, I have met so many people.  Some in actual 3D, but so many more only virtually.  I have watched lives lived around the globe and today I have seen one come to an end.  Although I had only stopped by Barry’s blog a couple of times, I was amazed at the writing he was doing as he finished his life on earth.  Today I found that he passed away last week at the fairly young age of 67.  His wife continued to post up until the memorial service and in doing so, related how the blog became a part of the service.  It is a moving testimony to a live well-lived, and I believe that’s what we all want for our final post.

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