A priest, a rabbi, and a minister

A priest, a rabbi, and a minister…no joke. This statue, behind the Fresno County Courthouse, salutes three Fresnans who sat down on a local radio show each week to discuss ecumenical issues.

In the 50s, these three gentlemen figured that there should be a better relationship amongst the religious communities in Fresno, and so they did something about it by joining forces to present issues common to all and how each religion might look at them. The radio show was aired weekly, I believe on Sundays, so as to engage the community in a dialogue about issues often not discussed, such as racism, poverty, divorce, and others that were more taboo back in that era.

Clement Renzi made this sculpture. He also did others for the downtown Fresno Fulton Mall. Mr. Renzi was friends with the three clergymen, and felt that they should be commemorated for their early work in relational understanding. I was heading to a nearby business to purchase gift certificates for a friend who is retiring in another week when I caught a glimpse of the sculpture. I had forgotten it was here, and so decided I needed to take a few pictures.


5 responses to “A priest, a rabbi, and a minister

  1. I love it! Add a Buddhist monk and it would be even more perfect.

  2. I found your blog while looking for information about Clement Renzi and thought you might like to know that the priest, rabbi and minister are back in action… well, this generation’s version.
    Three of us, (I’m the rabbi) will be taping a segment for Forum for Better Understanding this week and it will appear on KNXT television soon after, then eventually on YouTube.
    I’m hoping to rekindle the tradition that Rabbi Greenberg began when this series began in the 1930’s.
    Thanks for your great piece on the artist and a good reminder of the valuable interfaith work his subjects began.
    Rabbi Rick Winer
    Temple Beth Israel, Fresno

  3. I really like theses photos and story. I would like to use one of these photos in an upcoming book I am publishing on dialogue. Can you help me with this?

    • You are welcome to use the photos, just give my the credit as I took the photos. Delaine Zody

      • Brendan Reeed

        Thank you Delaine. I will certainly credit you and acknowledge your work. Thanks again for sharing this great story in words and pictures.

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