I make my own croutons. Been doing it for a few months now, and my husband is thrilled. If I’m not watching, he will eat them all before I make the salad or soup they are to accompany. He thinks of them as his own personal nibbles.

I start with really good French bread that I get at Whole Foods. I keep loaves of this bread in the freezer for all sorts of uses, not just croutons. The bread is excellent for sandwiches, and I like it toasted for breakfast. It comes in handy when we have pasta dishes, too.

After cutting the bread into bite-sized pieces, I sprinkle on a good amount of olive oil, then salt and pepper, and bake about 10 minutes in a 400 degree oven. If I remember, I stir the pieces about mid way. Most of the time, though, I forget about the bread until I hear the buzzer. They’re fine without being turned.

Tonight they will adorn bowls of split pea soup, and there should be enough left over for Terry to munch on tomorrow.


4 responses to “Croutons

  1. Oh gosh! That looks just so scrumptious! I can see why it gets eaten so quickly.

  2. Oh my, so simple, which means that much more YUMMY. I will try this out.

  3. certainabsurdity

    Thanks for sharing! It sounds simple enough that even I could do it.

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