Keeping up with technology can be hard

Kay’s blog post about their new iPhone made me realize I have to make some decisions. I usually make decisions quickly and easily, and I certainly don’t sit around moaning and kvetching about what to do. Not with this decision. Oh, my.

I have had my iPhone for almost three years. I LOVE it, using it more as a computer than phone. I am not a fan of talking on the phone, whether land line or cellular. I do text quite a bit, using the iPhone, and I take lots of pictures with the camera. All of my photos from the computer are on the phone as well as all of my iTunes downloads. My granddaughter has been using my iPhone since she was 18 months old to play games and she too loves to look at the photos on it. Often she is reminded of something that has made her happy and she wants to revisit and redo. But, here’s the bad part–the phone is three years old and does not have the latest OS, nor can it be upgraded to the latest. Oh, my.

So, I need a new phone if I plan to keep my me mail account, which I certainly want to do. I want to have iCloud and keep all my Apple gadgets sinc’d.  My MacBook Pro is quite capable of being upgraded to the new OS, which is now named Lion. So, what’s the hangup? I have very old versions of Adobe software on the computer–InDesign and PhotoShop. The old versions will not operate with the new OS. I love these applications and it will be very costly to replace them. Along with the cost of the new phone. Oh, my.

So, I sit here, being indecisive. Soon, though, I will make an appointment with my dear Apple genius and will go in to the Apple store and get my new phone and get it all sinc’d with my computer. Life will go on. I’ll let you know when that happens.


10 responses to “Keeping up with technology can be hard

  1. Wow…you’re waaaaaaayyyy ahead of moi! No wonder you’re such a tweeting fool!

    • Well, I don’t know about that. My iPhone is out of date and I’m cringing at the thought of giving up my CS2. CS2 mind you! How old is that? I need to get with it.

  2. I’ve had (and replaced) a large parade of electronic and technological gadgets over the years, and always dread changing one for a newer version. After the initial learning curve, though, I’m always glad I did it.

    • Usually I’m gung-ho to get the next new gadget, and I really, really want a new iPhone. It’s that OS thing that has me curled up in indecision.

  3. Oh, I was going to ask you what version of adobe you had… I have CS3 and it wasn’t supposed to be fully work on Lion, but it’s worked fine for me. But I see you have CS2. BTW, you will love the latest iPhone, especially if your current one is as old as I think it is.

    • Yeah, I’m excited for the new phone and would go TODAY to get one if that’s all it was. It’s that OS thing. Well, I guess it’s losing my Adobe software that’s really stopping me. I do not have the money to buy a new version of that. I may need my Photoshop for a big project I’m working on that should be finished in late Feb. So, I’m hanging on. Maybe I’ll get a tax refund…

      • One things to consider, you don’t *have* to upgrade your Mac’s OS right now. You’ll miss out on some of the cloud stuff as it applies to the Mac, but the iPhone itself is fully functional on its own with iOS 5.

  4. I’m starting to like my phone now. It just amazes me that I can now text a message and actually check my e-mail on the phone. Even Siri is talking to me. I can’t get over it! I mean really. I just asked what the weather would be like tomorrow and she answered me. It’s going to be hot and sunny tomorrow. Wow!

    • Kay, I use my iPhone for almost all my email, rarely using the laptop to check it. It’s just easy to always be in touch wherever I go. I get very upset with people who will not quickly respond to my messages. So many of my friends are still attached to a PC, a desktop PC, even.

  5. Hi Delaine, I’m going to cryptically ask if you can e-mail me ( Thanks! Colette

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