I don’t do dishes

My dear Hawaiian blogging buddy, Kay, posted about using a dishwasher to sanitize dishes and keep household members well. Some of the commenters took issue with the use of a dishwasher and some, like me, wouldn’t have it any other way. I would not live anywhere without a dishwasher.

When Terry and I were first married, almost 37 years now, we lived in a very nice apartment that was outfitted with really good kitchen appliances, allbeit in olive green. We had a General Electric dishwasher that cleaned our dishes without having to prerinse. I didn’t know there was any other kind until we visited his brother who had to wash the dishes before washing the dishes. That’s just ridiculous.

When we bought our first condo, it did not come with a dishwasher, and Terry assured me he would keep the dishes washed. Hah! Although a very thoughtful and hardworking husband, he could not keep up with the torrent of cookware, and I would come home from work to find a sink full of dishes. I gave him an ultimatum–buy a dishwasher or I was leaving. He went right out and got another General Electric machine that again did the dishes without prerinsing. Our marriage was saved!

A few years later we bought the house in which we still live. It too had no builtin dishwasher, but this time, before we even moved in, Terry bought and had installed, a GE dishwasher, in harvest gold to match the rest of the kitchen appliances. Alas, the next two replacement machines had to be in white as they no longer make harvest gold. Same with the refrigerator, but, the cooktop and range are still that harvest gold.

We will only buy General Electric dishwashers, sort of the high end models, so that there is no need to prerinse. Most days we run the dishwasher at night, but some days, when I cook and bake a lot, the dishwasher may be run three times. I cannot abide a sink full of dishes any more now than I could over 30 years ago.

When we lived in San Francisco, in the tiny apartment, we had a very elderly dishwasher that should have been replaced. It did not do a good job of cleaning if the dishes had not been well rinsed before putting them in the dishwasher. Also, it was so noisy that it had to be run well before we went to bed. I’m sure it could be heard 15 floors down, on the street. And, a couple of times, it did not pump the water off. I called maintenance, but they never could find anything wrong with the machine. Fifteen months later, when we moved out, the old dishwasher was still there. I was glad to return to my quiet, efficient GE dishwasher.


2 responses to “I don’t do dishes

  1. I’ve had good luck with GE dishwashers, too. Now that there’s only two of us in the house, I find myself hand washing dishes more than I used to–we run out of some things before the dishwasher is filled up!

  2. I do love the dishwasher, seldom use the Sanitize feature. I also worry about the detergent pollution going down sewer… maybe into the river, so I try to buy only ‘natural’ products for it, and for laundry,

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