On holiday, sort of

It’s a three-day weekend for those of you working in the real world. The school district in which I toiled all those years is still on winter break, returning on the 17th, after a 3-week hiatus, so they are enjoying the last of their holiday.

Terry and I took off Thursday morning for the bay area, stopping at Stanford Shopping Center for lunch and window shopping. On Friday we took BART into San Francisco and spent most of the day in the Mission District. I will have more to tell you about that once we have returned home. We got back to San Mateo in the late afternoon to help our son-in-law take care of the two kids. Our daughter works late, very late, on Fridays, and so he must do it all–chores, dinner, baths, bedtime. Today we are taking care of the small granddaughter while her parents and baby brother attend the 49ers vs somebody game at Candlestick Park, which fortunately for them, is just up the road apiece. We’re going to take small granddaughter back to our hotel to spend the night which will make it a little easier for her mother to get up and get ready for work in the morning. (If I haven’t already told you, our daughter is a minister in San Mateo so weekends are her working days. This morning was Chinese School until noon.)

As I sit here typing, small granddaughter is napping, Terry is doing the dishes, and I am on the fourth load of laundry, one more to go. Remember, it’s a holiday weekend!


4 responses to “On holiday, sort of

  1. sounds like a very purposeful long weekend for you! Enjoy your babysitting!

  2. Actually, that sounds wonderful! I’d love it if I could have my granddaughter here too. Have a wonderful, productive weekend.

    • We are so fortunate to have our kids so close, although I would prefer to be even closer so we could help out more. It’s hard when both parents work and have two small children.

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