Favorite things

My long-time online friend, Lynn, wrote a blog post some weeks ago that I keep meaning to come back to and write about. I think I have a few minutes right now to do that.

Lynn wrote a 400-word post about her favorite things and challenged others to do likewise.  I liked her subtitle: what lights up your life? This reminded me of a photography class I took at Stanford University a number of years ago. On the very first day, the instructor had us write, for one minute, all the things that made us happy. I still have the workbook from that class, and I look at that list from time to time. The idea behind it was to get us thinking differently about taking photos. Not to just point and shoot, but to find the things that make us really happy and reproduce that feeling in photos. I’m still working on that.

Here is my list:

  • Summer mornings
  • martinis
  • the dappled light across the backyard
  • Sunday newspaper
  • walkways
  • bookstores
  • cookies baking in the oven
  • fresh fruit
  • meeting deadlines
  • my daughter (I would add my grandchildren, now)
  • pine tree smell
  • cold cereal (that one is now off my list due to lactose intolerance)
  • unique shopping centers
  • cats
  • purple
  • books on a shelf
  • corner office with a window
  • teenagers having fun
  • my husband
  • lunch with friends
  • my journals (I would now add this blog)
  • my prayer time
  • fine point pens
  • San Francisco

Except as noted, these are still favorites, all these many years later. I would probably add my iPhone, MacBook Pro, and social media.


2 responses to “Favorite things

  1. what a great exercise! You can get really great tasting lactose free milk these days, no need to go without cold cereal! Thanks for sharing.

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