Twenty years ago

I read the words, “twenty years ago,” and think of another, more genteel time, a time accorded a place in history, a long-ago time. Wait a minute…twenty years ago was 1992! That was only a couple of years ago, not twenty. The word twenty has a historical ring; 1992 has a day-before-yesterday ring. Nineteen ninety two is not some hazy historical moment in the continuum of time, it’s a very recent part of my life. But, 20 years ago?

My husband and I say the same thing about the year 2000. That seems but a brief moment ago, yet it’s been 12 years. Twelve years, now, with all the electronic innovations speeding us along, is like a century to our forefathers. So much has happened. Yet, I can clearly remember 2000 as if it was last year. Wait, what was last year? 2011? What all did I do? What happened with those 12 months? A whirl of actions and colors. People coming and going. Mostly going. Mostly loss.

Twenty years from now will be 2032, and I’m sure, if I’m still around, that I will be amazed at the speed of the last two decades. Decades. Okay, that has a more concrete sound than years. Decades are blocks of time so much bigger than just years. I marvel to think of the changes we will see if innovations continue to come at us at the same dizzying pace of the last two decades. In 2032, 1992 really will be a hazy, historical time. A time before the turn of the century. Will I still feel as if it was a short time ago?


5 responses to “Twenty years ago

  1. I’m with you…time is flying by. Hubby and I were talking last night about when our boys started in Boy Scouts, which seems like just a couple of years ago. It was 16.

  2. I just read on yahoo that conscientious people with routines tend to live longer. Back to the topic, I know what you mean about 10, 20 years going by just like that!

  3. certainabsurdity

    I was graduating from college in 1992 and still had no idea what shape my life would take. It’s amazing how much can happen and how you solidify who you are and what you’re about in that time span.

  4. It always startles me to hear that songs from the 80’s and 90’s are considered Oldies But Goodies. Technology seems to leap mountains in just a year. It’s hard to keep up.

  5. In twenty years I’ll be approaching ninety. If I’m still around, that is. In 1992 I was well into the career that would define me, turning into a writer/editor. I still am amazed, like you, that 1992 is so twenty years ago! Sheesh!

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