A few months back, Christine had a lovely sailboat on her blog post that she had painted. It was so inspirational that I copied it onto my desktop and looked at for weeks, thinking/wishing that I could do something similar.

First, let me say right up front, I am not artistic. My students would make fun of my stick drawings when I would put them on the board. Last summer I bought some watercolor pencils and found them to be very easy to use. Rather fun, and relaxing even. I posted a bit of my work here. Many of you were very kind with your comments. So, I am going to post MY version of Christine’s sailboat:


3 responses to “Copycat

  1. I’m so glad (and flattered) that you did this, and you now have your own original beautiful piece of art! You should join some of the art co-ops, seriously, a lot of us are self taught and learning a lot.

  2. I always enjoy the color and simplicity of Chistine’s art. You are now on your way! Keep it up!

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