Happy feet

During our hot summers, I don’t wear shoes around the house. From morning, till evening, I run around with bare feet. If I go out in the public, it’s either sandals or tennis shoes, but still bare feet.

Summer feet

Come winter, though, that changes. I wear socks around the house and also when I go out, to keep my feet warm. I like soft, colorful socks because it seems that my winter wardrobe has a lot of black and the flash of color from my feet makes me happy. Some days I wear a pair of socks around the house and then change to a different pair when I go out. That adds up to a lot of  socks. The last load of laundry had 11 pairs.

Winter feet


2 responses to “Happy feet

  1. Even though I live in ‘the frozen north’–in other words, the UP of Michigan–I very rarely wear socks. At home, it ALWAYS is just bare feet and my Birkies. I’m NOT able to go without when I go outside, however–that snow is COLD on bare tootsies. 😉 (And I like colorful socks for those times when I have to wear them, too.)

  2. You are wearing rubber bottom house shoes with the socks right? I don’t want you falling on your floors. Oops! I see you have carpeting so you’re safe. 😉

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