Back in the Mission

During our recent trip to the Mission District in San Francisco, Terry and I spent some time around the actual mission–Dolores and Dolores Park.

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It was such a lovely day and the views were magnificent. People love to bring their dogs to Dolores Park and that day was a particular favorite. We sat for awhile and got a good dog fix, something we cat-lovers enjoy now and then.

The park overlooks Mission High School: 

We had lunch at Tacolicious, just up the street, where we saw the mural of the high school painted by Paul Madonna, the artist who does All Over Coffee.


3 responses to “Back in the Mission

  1. Beautiful! You make me miss San Francisco. I never lived there, but my husband did and I visited often. He misses it still.

  2. Thank you for taking us with you on this trip. I haven’t been to San Francisco in such a long, long time and now you’re tempting me.

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