A note to all of you Blogger people

For those of you who have a Blogger blog and require a commenter to type a bunch of nonsense letters, I can no longer comment on your blogs. For some reason, the Blogger comment box keeps coming up that I have typed the nonsense word incorrectly even though I have typed the jumble of letters just as requested. So, I am sorry that I cannot add a witty comment. I don’t understand why you have that nonsense word there anyway.


6 responses to “A note to all of you Blogger people

  1. Blogger’s been a little cranky lately…

    I go back and forth with the word verification (I’ve turned it off just now), but it really helps reduce spam comments.

  2. You can comment all you want on my blogs. I don’t use them. Blogger’s spam filter works just fine, as long as I go in and delete the lot of them every now and then.

    • I love WordPress. They take care of any spammers. And, no one has to type some fidgity letters that have no meaning. I really like to comment on people’s blogs.

  3. I’m like Kathy G. I turn it on and off when the spammers start driving me crazy, but it’s turned off for now. 🙂

  4. Your frustrations are EXACTLY the reason I don’t have that annoying screening device on my Blogger space. Plus, I enjoy getting the random spam written in an alphabet I don’t understand! 🙂

    • WordPress takes care of that kind of stuff before I ever see it. They store it in a separate file where I can look at it if I want. I never do. I trust WordPress.

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