The History Detectives

Almost five months ago, way back in September, I wrote about a project Terry & I  were working on for our church’s 130 year anniversary. We’ve been very busy with this during the past few months, and we are almost finished. Well, we have to be because the church’s anniversary is March 18! I am still scanning photos and placing copy in the final format, and have many more pages to do. We are starting, though, to talk of a cut-off date for articles and photos to be submitted to me. I cannot work right up to the day of the party!

Today, the committee met in the library, after church, for a group photo. I wanted to share it with you, dear Readers, as you are so good to stick with me through these times, and I thought you might like to see the people with whom I work.

The History Detectives


2 responses to “The History Detectives

  1. Nice picture. Not the kind of people you usually think of as detectives, either! 🙂 Perfect undercover agents!

  2. You all look like a fun and friendly group. This is an excellent, important project. Good for you!

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