Something old must go before something new comes

Today I threw away a very old pair of tennis shoes so I could buy these:

Have I mentioned that I like purple? Especially shoes? It helped that I worked at a school whose colors are purple and gold. Now, I have no excuse, except that I like purple.

8 responses to “Something old must go before something new comes

  1. I love purple too! My husband reminds me that when we met I had a closet full of Keds of different colors for my different outfits. Enjoy!

    • I always loved Keds. In the past few years I have found Coach tennis shoes to be very comfortable, but also expensive. These were cheap for Converse, but since they were made for Target, I wasn’t too surprised. We will see how they do on long walks.

  2. I am a purple fan, too. I bought myself an alpaca felted hat at the Flower Show, and when I told my friend Linda on Saturday, she said, “is it purple or blue?” (my two favorite colors). It’s blue, but only because I didn’t see any purple ones! Great shoes, BTW. I am envious… 🙂

  3. My school colors were purple and gold. I let two grandaughters come and paint our picnic table. They chose purple and pink. It’s the only one of it’s kind in our little town. We have been working on our house, and I painted our outside door purple. I can honestly say we have the only purple door in our town!

    • I think I would like a red door if I was to paint my front door. Our’s is wood, and I don’t want it painted, but red would be a good color for a door if I should ever change my mind.

  4. so I found you when you “liked” my drawing of the Two Degrees Building and wound my way to your blog…interesting. I sort of want to do one, you know with my drawings…do you just start? What makes people follow you? how long have you been doing it? thanks, karen

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