I’m Back

Don’t know what happened, but for a brief period, WordPress turned off my blog saying that I had violated their terms of use. There was never any email to me explaining why they were doing this, nor have I had a response to my emails except that my blog is back. I hope you are all still here.

We are in the Bay Area, having brought our granddaughter back to her parents after a few days in Fresno with us. Today we are seeing our tax preparer in San Francisco. Tomorrow I must return to the history project or else it WILL BE history!


4 responses to “I’m Back

  1. so glad to hear your blog is back, what a nightmare!

  2. I had the same thing happen to me with Blogger, so it does indeed happen now and then. Glad it came back! Welcome home. 🙂

  3. I am thinking someone may have reported my blog and WordPress, without checking into it, just shut it down for awhile. Then when I complained, they took a look and decided it wasn’t that bad. Or, it could be something else entirely.

  4. I thought this only happened with Blogspot. I’m glad you’re back.

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