The life we’ve lived, reflected in our face

Terry and I were by ourselves the other evening, after being with our granddaughter for four days. Four days of being responsible for this small, active life. We had kept a schedule of meals, baths, naps, bedtimes, and fun for four intense days, and we were tired. Then, I read a quote: “At age 50, everyone has the face he deserves.” George Orwell

We are both way past 50, but I had to wonder, did our faces reflect the life we have lived? Sitting there, in the hotel room, I opened up my computer, clicked on PhotoBooth, and took this picture:

I posted it to Facebook, along with the quote, and got some nice feedback. Life has been good to us, we are richly blessed, and I would like to think that is reflected in our faces.

If you are close to 50, then I recommend you snap a picture and see what you think. Was Mr. Orwell correct?

5 responses to “The life we’ve lived, reflected in our face

  1. I think you’re both fabulous. I love that photo. There’s so much love reflected in your beautiful faces.

  2. I agree – fabulous 🙂

  3. Fifty? That was so long ago I’ve forgotten. 🙂

    Nice faces, though!

  4. Gorgeous couple is what I see here! Thanks for sharing.

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