Frozen food should stay frozen

My husband likes this brand of ice cream:

I usually buy the ice cream at a local grocer, but the last two cartons have been so bad, I am not buying this, or any other frozen food, from this store, again.

I don’t know if their freezer is bad, or if they leave the food sitting out too long before getting it in the freezer. So, the ice cream thawed, refroze, thawed, refroze. Blah. When I brought it up with the grocer this morning, he blamed the particular brand as it has no preservatives in it. That’s one of the reasons I buy it. In other words, it doesn’t hold up well when poorly handled.


4 responses to “Frozen food should stay frozen

  1. Oh, my! I wouldn’t buy it either. I think the grocer is selling you a bill of goods.

  2. I buy Breyers all the time and it doesn’t look like that. Gracious! It doesn’t look like it’s been handled properly.

    • It didn’t use to look like this, Kay, so I know something is wrong. I was contacted by Breyers, asking for details, so I am hoping they can get it fixed. Terry loves this ice cream. I don’t eat ice cream so it wouldn’t bother me to never buy the stuff again.

  3. Not to mention, Bryers is not a cheap ice cream. If we are going to move to fresher, more organic foods, grocers may need to be educated, just as we are being educated.

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