There’s just something about San Francisco

Our tax preparer lives in San Francisco, on a hill in Bernal Heights. I have known Gretchen for about 18 years. We met, online, back in the day of Compuserve Forums. When my tax man of over 30 years was hauled off to prison for fraud, I was at a loss as to what to do about my taxes. Gretchen said, “send them me,” and for years that’s what I did. Then we went to live in San Francisco and I took her the papers, to her third floor walkup in Bernal Heights. She gives fair warning. If you cannot walk three flights of stairs, and if you are allergic to cat hair, then she will meet you elsewhere. I can and I’m not, so I go to her apartment.

She tells me she has not been to India, a favorite place, for awhile because she cannot find a housesitter. She goes for months at a time and needs someone to live with her cats while she’s away. It occurs to me, I could do this. Our kitties have all passed on. There is nothing keeping me in Fresno. And I love San Francisco. A three month stint as a housesitter would be a great way to get back to San Francisco. Gretchen’s apartment sits beside a main thoroughfare so I could sit by the window and watch the world go by. Or walk across the street and catch Muni and go anywhere in the city. I think it would be grand. We’ll see if she decides to make the trip. I’m hoping she does and that she takes me up on my offer to housesit.


7 responses to “There’s just something about San Francisco

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Absolutely go for it!

  2. Oh, I would do that in a minute. Does she have wi-fi? I would need that, of course. Otherwise, I’d be there, too. If it happens, you can take pictures and write all about your adventures.

  3. How exciting! Would Terry be able to come, too?

    • Terry has more commitments in Fresno than I do. Even when we had the apartment in SF, Terry would spend more time in Fresno than SF. He would probably still spend time in Fresno as well as the housesitting gig.

  4. That would be cool! You could meet me and my infamous greyhound around the ‘hood!

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