Things got better

Sunday may have started out badly, as you can read all about in the previous post, but the rest of the day was pure delight.

After worship, a group put on a luncheon in the fellowship hall at church. It was very tasty food with ham and scalloped potatoes and cherry shortcake for dessert. Then we all went over to the chapel for an old fashioned hymn sing. This is where we get to sing, along with a piano, the old hymns that don’t get sung in worship service any more. (You know, too old-fashioned.)


A view from the front:

Terry & I then went to the movies (the first time in ages) and saw “The Artist.” It was a grand movie, and I left the theater feeling so good. I was even more pleased as the evening wore on and we watched “The Artist” win so many Academy Awards, which it definitely deserved. There is no sex, foul language, or violence in the movie. Also, we were thrilled to see Billy Crystal back as emcee for the Oscars. I haven’t watched the show in so many years because the emcees have just been so bad. I felt that Sunday turned out to be a great day, even if it got off to a bad start.


4 responses to “Things got better

  1. It is a shame about the old hymns – they speak volumes that the new music doesn’t.

  2. I thought Billy Crystal did a great job too. I was disappointed that The Descendents didn’t win more Oscars because well… everybody from Hawaii was rooting for it. However, I’ll need to go and see The Artist now to find out what everybody is talking about.

  3. I loved The Artist, too. And I’m glad your day turned out to be a good one after all. I watched the Oscars and was thrilled to see a black and white silent movie get Best Picture! Who would have thought it could happen?

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