Leap Day

It didn’t start raining hard yesterday until I was headed home from a very busy day. We desperately need rain here so it was a good way to end Leap Day.

The day had started very early in the morning, reminiscent of those days when I was teaching and had to be at school at 7 a.m. for department chair meetings. Yesterday’s meeting was farther south, in downtown, at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hub. It was a meeting of chamber members and guests to hear a couple of speakers and to mix and mingle. We learned more about a couple of job fairs coming up, sponsored by the California Department of Employment. As with rain, we need more jobs around here, especially for young people. The other speaker talked about how small businesses can become certified to bid on jobs for the State, especially CalTrans, the state transportation organization. Again, more jobs.

I also got to meet some new people and make some connections. One being a lady from Ronald McDonald House where we had donated my late friend’s bedroom set. This lady was looking for volunteers to read to siblings who stay at the house. I have a friend for whom this would a perfect activity.

The Hub serves breakfast for these meetings. This one was hosted by Mi Casa, a local Mexican restaurant, and chorizo burritos were served. Much better food than I ever got at those school meetings.

After the meeting, Terry and I walked down the Fulton Mall to see what was going on and to get some exercise. The daffodils are blooming:

We stopped at a fairly new business, Fresno Brewing Company, and had coffee. Cappuccino for Terry; cinnamon soy mocha for me. It was fun chatting with the owner about old Fresno and that fact that his coffee house was once a shoe store. I sure hope his place can stay around. He makes very good coffee, and the space is wonderful:

Terry and I parted ways at this point as he was going to check on his mother at the hospital, and then he had another meeting to attend. I would go later to work with the history committee at church. Although the deadline date is looming for the celebration, it seems that more changes are being made on the report. Grrrr. The stress is beginning to be felt in my back. Then, when I came home, as it poured rain out the kitchen window, I fell back into my old habit of stress eating.


5 responses to “Leap Day

  1. We all do that stress eating at times. I hope you don’t give yourself too hard a time for it. Your day sounds like it was pretty stressful, so I hope today will be better!

  2. I just love your writing, so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award. There is no obligation to accept it – I just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog.

  3. Daffodils always cheer me up. I hope they worked their magic on you. Have a relaxing week.

    • Doubt it will be very relaxing. Under the gun to finish history project. Terry’s mother’s situation is still undecided. Very stressful.

  4. certainabsurdity

    Hang in there! It’s nice to know that spring is coming somewhere. I liked seeing the daffodils. I had to laugh at your comment about stress eating. I’m pretty sure I just did that 10 minutes ago…

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