Lunch break in Chinatown

Fresno’s Chinatown is a sad place. Many empty buildings, most crumbling and falling apart. Streets are empty of pedestrians. There are only a few cars with lots of empty parking spaces, which are free. This once thriving part of the city is now almost a ghost town. And yet…

There are many hole-in-the-wall restaurants that have excellent food. Today I met a friend of mine for lunch, parking right across from that Mexican Baptist Church I wrote about a couple of days ago. She pulled out her camera and started shooting. Delores and I love to take camera walks, and since I had just done this a few weeks ago with Terry, I was able to show her a number of places to get some interesting images. She was in the mood for peach cobbler and had heard there was  a place in Chinatown that served it. I knew just the place.

We took a circuitous route that lead us by these buildings:

We ate at Salaam’s, a seafood restaurant that also has fried chicken which I ordered. Delores ordered prawns and cornbread. We were disappointed that there was no peach cobbler today. We’ll have to come back another day. The food and service were outstanding.

After our delicious lunch, we wandered around some more, heading down China Alley, where we passed these buildings:

The weather was perfect for walking. It was a good break for me as I have been so intent on working on the church’s 130-year history report. I was able to finish it today and will take the PDF to be printed tomorrow as well as uploaded to the church’s website. My next job will be to prepare the document to be sent to an ebook publisher. But first we will celebrate the church’s actual anniversary date on March 18. Maybe, after then, I’ll be able to have more lunch dates with friends.

4 responses to “Lunch break in Chinatown

  1. Nice pictures. It doesn’t look all that sad to me, but then again I know how pictures can deceive. Congratulations of getting that report finished! Must feel pretty darn good. 🙂

    • All of those buildings, except for the last one, have been abandoned. Even the Buddhists have left and built a temple elsewhere in a better part of town. This temple is on the national list of historical buildings so can’t be torn down. It’s just empty. Many of the places look like the owner locked up one day and never returned. Everything is still there. My friend commented that it looked as if there had been a nuclear war and all the people are gone.

  2. I agree that from the photos, it’s hard to tell how run down it is. It is sad when things deteriorate though…

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