A celebration banner

See that banner up there? The one that proclaims our church’s 130 year anniversary? The fellows who make these banners don’t do ladders. So, I called my dear, sweet husband who dropped his morning chores and came to the church and climbed the ladder to hang the banner. It will be there Sunday when all the people come out of the sanctuary and walk over to the fellowship hall to nosh a few finger foods and look at those display boards we’ve been working on for the past week and to preview the written report that our group has been researching and writing for about six months. That banner means an awful lot.


3 responses to “A celebration banner

  1. so great that your husband could help out! Happy 130 years!

  2. You are such an industrious person, and I also congratulate you on 130 years of praising God. I had no idea you were that old, you sure don’t look it! 🙂

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