The change-over

Today I made the big change–bought the iPhone 4S so I could keep my email address; bought Lion operating system so I could sync the phone with the computer; changed over to iCloud so all these pieces will work together. In all that I gained, I lost my Adobe CS2. I am hopeful I will be okay until I can upgrade those products. Having just finished the big history project I felt safe in doing this. I love technology, just wish it was less expensive.

8 responses to “The change-over

  1. I need to upgrade also. I just told my husband today that I am tired of my phone not syncing to my computer. There are always some trade-offs. I’m glad it is mostly working for you.

    • I loved my old iPhone and would have kept it but I had to upgrade it to be able to use iCloud. My husband was able to use the old phone with his sim card so he’s a happy clam.

  2. You might consider looking on ebay, etc. for an older Mac mini for a reasonable price and set it up just to run your Adobe CS2 stuff.

  3. I’m still trying to get used to the iPhone. I do love it though!

  4. I still have a phone that is not smart. But my iPad? I couldn’t live without it. I’m afraid of getting an iPhone because then I’d be even more addicted!

  5. I tend to get lost in all this technology! Hard to keep up when you’re not naturally mechanical, good for you.

    • It is hard to keep up, especially now that I’m not teaching. Technology is also changing at a quicker pace than ever before. In doing the history project, I have had to explain to people that storage media is changing and that computers are giving up disk drives.

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