More about the phone update

Since I got a new iPhone, Terry took my old one. He transferred the SIM card from his Go-Phone into the iPhone and it works well. He doesn’t need a data plan as he only plans to use local wi-fi. All of his contacts and email address moved over, effortlessly, and he was receiving calls, emails, and texts. 

He had an old cell phone that made it pretty difficult to type texts, and since I’ve like to communicate that way, he had to take extra time and pains to return text messages. Now, with the iPhone, typing a text message is very easy. 

The one other thing he had to change was the ring tones. With two iPhones in the house, we could get confused as to whose phone is sending us a message. 


7 responses to “More about the phone update

  1. When I bought my iphone, I was required to sign up for a data plan (through AT&T). I chose the smaller option, which will last for the next two years. It’s good to know I’ll have options once the contract expires.

    • Yes, I have the AT&T plan, and since I have had it for almost 3 years, I was grandfathered in with unlimited data. I guess the new contracts put limits on data downloads unless you pay more. That contract is on my phone. Terry has always had a go-phone plan that he puts $100 a year on it. He has never used his phone very much, but now that he can use wifi on it, he may find his costs increasing. I use my phone as a computer when I travel.

  2. You make it sound effortless and rather cheap to have a wifi iPhone. I’ll check into it.

    • NOT cheap. The phone cost $199 and the plan I have is $79 a month. Terry, on the other hand, has now inherited my old phone which is cheap for him. If you buy through the Apple store, it IS effortless. The guys there are wonderful.

  3. sounds like life is improving with technology!

  4. I’m still not sure how to use all the functions on my iPhone. While my son was here, he insisted I learn how to text. That was fun! He says that’s his favorite way to communicate.

    • I prefer texting as a way to communicate. Also use IM on Facebook with one of my friends who refuses to text. Terry took my old iPhone and now it’s easier for him to text replies to me. I think he’s going to prefer texting to talking, too.

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