Murder in the gated community

Living in a gated community can give one a sense of safety. The riffraff are kept out. Everyone knows one another and keeps an eye out for their neighbors, neighbors who are much alike, supposedly in thought and deed. But what happens when the neighbors become enemies? It could lead to murder, and that’s exactly what happened in Fresno yesterday.

Two older men, both who should know better, became embroiled in a fight over the one man’s dog. The collie tended to enjoy the older man’s yard, much to his dismay. For five years there was an argument over this invasion. Yesterday, after a physical altercation, the older man went to his home, got his gun, came back and shot and killed the dog’s owner in front of his condominium with his wife inside. Then, fleeing in his car, the shooter was noticed by police in a nearby, upscale shopping center. When confronted by the police, he put the gun to his head, killing himself inside his car, in front of a restaurant where people had gone to enjoy dinner. Two men dead, two families devastated, all because they could not make peace over a dog who just wanted to go outside its boundaries. Wonder what those neighbors are thinking this morning about their gated community?



2 responses to “Murder in the gated community

  1. I don’t get the paper. Where did this occur? I used to live in one upscale development and there was a gun toting “crazy guy” living there too.

    This seems to be a bad news cycle for condo associations, considering the Florida killing. Sad how powerless we feel we’ve become that resorting to guns is our only perceived solution.

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