What will our story look like in history?

Certain Absurdity went to Italy on Spring Break and is now filling us in on her travels. Today’s post made me think of the work I’ve been doing with history. I love this line: I’ve never been a history buff.  But when I travel to places with history, then I get interested.

Me, too. I’ve never considered myself a history buff, but now that I have become immersed in the church and city history, and considering what we look like today, I have become engrossed. So much so that I’m working on an historical novel, another thing I’ve never considered. As I look at six women from the 1940s and their trajectory across time, I wonder what I will leave behind that will still have meaning in seventy years.

Certain Absurdity writes of the documents she saw in Rome with signatures of Galileo, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Voltaire, Marie Antoinette, Michelangelo, Bernini and asks, “…with today’s technology, how many hand written documents are there from our time?” It does make one think.


One response to “What will our story look like in history?

  1. What the historians of the future will find from our era is simply unknowable, but it sure won’t bear much resemblance to even a hundred years ago! So glad you are going to fill in the story of the six women.

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