My kind of doctor

Due to my collapse in December, and the ensuing upper gastrointestinal scan that was done, my internist insisted that I meet a new gastroenterologist and get his opinion. Today, against my better judgement, I did that. I hate going to the doctor unless I am very sick, and today I feel fantastic.

The doctor is a pleasant man, and after looking at my scan results, said all he could see wrong is that I have a thin stomach lining which could be causing some gastritis problems along the line, but definitely nothing to probe any further.

“Call me if you don’t feel good.”

My kind of doctor.

He agreed that the problem in December, as well as previous ones, was brought on by stress. Too much stress. I have realized that as I have aged, I don’t handle stress very well. Especially if it’s accompanied by heavy lifting. I did a lot of that in December, cleaning out my friend’s house. In looking back, I also realized that every episode of illness was after such an experience.

I am grateful I no longer have to move computers from place to place as I did while teaching. Or, that I don’t have to lift 50 pound boxes of yearbooks. Or wrangle 10 pound boxes of cookie dough from freezer to counter and back again. Or move cases of printing paper from storeroom to office. You get the picture. I can’t do heavy lifting like I did for those 21 years in the inner city school.


4 responses to “My kind of doctor

  1. I get the picture very well,lol As like you, I rather not see drs eaither inless Im broken 🙂 You knowthe saying, if its not broken,dot try to fix it,Altho when I switched drs, It sort of saved my life. As for cant do what you use to do, YEP.. 21 yrs ago you was also alot younger . I cant do what i was able to do eaither a yr ago. but, the best part of getting alil older is that we made it that far. Some people dont reach1/2 of what we are today:)

  2. stress does a lot of harm.

  3. Stress does it to me every time, too. That is definitely my kind of doctor. I like it when they tell you that you’re pretty much OK and can go home.

  4. Lifting heavy things is for machines not people. So glad you are feeling better and that the new doctor agrees with how you are feeling.

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