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Sunday, April 1, Palm Sunday. It was also my first free Sunday since I had started working on the church history project back in August. In that project and all the research I did, I found a Mexican Baptist Church that I did not know even existed. The church to which I belong, having been around since 1882, helped to build the Mexican church in 1926 at a time when the city was growing and there was desire to reach out to the immigrant community. I found photos and descriptions of this church but figured it was long gone since west Fresno has undergone major changes since 1929, the year the Mexican Baptist Church was dedicated. On a recent trip to west Fresno I found that the church was still there, looking just like it did in that photo taken in 1929. Take a look for yourself:

From the 1929 program


The way it looks now.

I was thrilled that it was still there, and today I got to join the very tiny congregation in worship and communion. The service was in Spanish with a translator for the sermon.

Inside the sanctuary. Those wooden theater seats are original.

I truly believe that God has kept that church in that place for a purpose, and I don’t think that purpose is to be a museum in a ghost town.

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  1. It’s amazing that the church has not changed at all in almost a century. I wonder too what the purpose of that church is. I would never have known about it except for you… thank you. And it’s now Holy Week.

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