Making Salted Caramels

My latest venture, after all those Zody Red Wagon Pies, is salted caramels. I think I’ve gotten the ingredients and timing just about right.

I start out with this:

Brown sugar, corn syrup, butter


Put this combination in the microwave oven:

Cook on high for 2.27 min. Stir after butter melts


I stop and stir it again when there is about 1 minute remaining. It will come to a second boil and come out of the microwave looking like this:

Stir quickly after it comes out.













Then I spoon the hot candy onto parchment paper and sprinkle salt crystals on each circle: 

After they have cooled, I roll each candy and then package in more parchment paper:

Here’s the finished product:

8 responses to “Making Salted Caramels

  1. definitely going to be trying this! yummy!

  2. How did it come out? It looks delicious. I make mine in a completely different way!

    • I’ve been working on this project for some time. I’ve finally gotten the timing right for soft, chewy caramels. The earlier ones would be very hard, more like brittle. I probably should use a candy thermometer but I have no patience for such things.

      • Well, it sure seems easy. I do mine in a kettle, with cream and butter and corn syrup and sugar and cook it until it reaches hard ball stage. Not really hard, but it’s certainly an event to wrap them all, as I always make a double recipe so I can give a lot away!

      • I only make nine to ten caramels, so the wrapping is pretty easy.

  3. This looks so good! I had no idea how these were made!

  4. I’m not going to read this. I’m not going to even LOOK. Oh, I love salted caramels. Maybe just a peek… 🙂

  5. certainabsurdity

    How much brown sugar, corn syrup and butter? I might even be able to make those!

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