Google, can you do a street view of 1940?

Since I have been living in the past for awhile, first working on the church history project and now writing an historical novel, I became excited when the 1940 census was released this past week. I could actually look up people about whom I have been writing. There are maps, too, and that is what I find the most exciting. What did Fresno look like in 1940?

A couple of weeks ago I looked up the addresses of the original Allied Arts Girls and then Googled the addresses, using street view to see what the houses look like today. I even went out to these places and wandered around a bit, trying to get a feel for the neighborhoods in which these women lived. I took some pictures to give you an idea. Although still there, the houses probably don’t look like they did in 1940. I wish Google could use the old maps and census information to make street view maps for that time period. That would really be useful to me.

Fresno City Limits 1940

One response to “Google, can you do a street view of 1940?

  1. I want to learn to super impose a new view over an old view to compare so I can tell where things were.

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