We have recently been traveling to San Mateo every other week to care for our grandkids for a couple of days. Having two to care for is quite a bit of work, but fortunately, Leeya has gotten old enough to do lots of things on her own. Occasionally, she stays overnight with us at our hotel:

She also likes her cat, Memo:

Then there is the new baby, Judah:

He has a red smudge on his cheek from Grandma’s kisses. We had to go outside for awhile to cheer him up. He likes being outside:

In a week or so they are coming here to stay with us for a few days. Our daughter is attending the graduation of a girl she mentored many years ago. We’re taking Leeya on the train to a very famous ice cream parlor nearby so she can have ice cream, her most favorite thing, as you can see here:

She ate all of that ice cream.

4 responses to “Grandchildren

  1. They are so precious!

  2. She ate it ALL? I am so impressed… 🙂

  3. lovely grandchildren you have, it’s so great you get to spend such quality time with them!

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