We were here

My daughter’s high school friends had a small reunion a few weeks ago in San Francisco. She has learned that many of her classmates live in the Bay Area and thought it would be fun for them to reconnect in their new home town. One of the girls has a large home on the south end of town, close to a small park, and she offered it for the gathering.

I was fortunate to get to go along.  Mainly my purpose was to navigate and to help with the two children. It was a joyful afternoon event, spent with good friends, reminiscing about old times mixed with stories of current lives. I sat on the periphery, listening, just as I had done when Jennifer would spend time with these wonderful girls in high school.

I wandered out on the balcony, this was the view:

This was the view on the inside:

Twenty years ago, my daughter and her friends were high school freshmen. Now they are young career women with their small children. We were there, but now, we are here. Lives have changed.


3 responses to “We were here

  1. Time flies. I used to think that twenty years is a long time, now it seems like a blink and it’s gone. 🙂

  2. yes the circle of life! Sound like a lovely gathering!

  3. Oh how wonderful! Those babies are so adorable!

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