Friday afternoon

It is lovely out here on the patio. You know the one, the patio that needs its own caretaker. There is a delightful breeze blowing through the yard as sit at the patio table and type. My wind chimes are jingling in the breeze. I’m trying to enjoy as much time outdoors as possible. I know a hot, dry summer is headed our way and the afternoons will be spent indoors, with the air conditioner running.

I baked a pan of brownies, did two loads of laundry, made croutons, all after returning from my docent training at Kearney Mansion this morning. Next Thursday I give my first tour so I was anxious to work my way through the house, being sure I can open and lock the doors and operate the Victrola. I was terrified I might break it, but I think I have it figured out. Of course, when I have to operate it with 20 children staring at me, I might not do as well. Operate it and talk at the same time!

While I’ve been sitting here, the neighbor’s cat has come by:

I call him the neighbor’s cat, but he pretty much lives in our yard. He likes it because it’s quiet with lots of secluded spots for sleeping and I keep food out for him; that’s why he was here, to get a snack.

It’s such a pleasant afternoon for all us of out here.

One response to “Friday afternoon

  1. sounds like you are enjoying your lovely day, with your ‘adopted’ cat!

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