I’m quite happy for others to celebrate THEIR birthday

As I was out looking over the blogs of others, I found one that is written by a woman who will also turn 60 this year.  She isn’t there right now as she is off to Italy with her daughter. I, on the other hand, am hanging out here in Fresno for a few more days.

Tomorrow I give my school tour at Kearney Mansion. Friday I will get my hair cut and redyed. There was a brief conversation on Facebook about letting my hair grow out if it was a pretty gray. It isn’t so I’m still getting it colored. Every week someone stops me, compliments the color and asks what it is. It’s a couple of numbers, mixed up by my hairdresser. I’m grateful for my hairdresser and her ability to make me look good.

I’m headed to San Francisco for a week of housesitting (or in this case, apartment sitting) for a friend. After I stop off in San Mateo and celebrate my

Leeya & I will have fun.

granddaughter’s third birthday. Terry will stay in Fresno as he is doing video work for our hometown baseball team.

So, back to this 60 thing.  I am getting closer to that birthday. Just a few more months. But at this point, I’m thinking about ignoring it.


7 responses to “I’m quite happy for others to celebrate THEIR birthday

  1. I ignored MY 60th birthday, which is now becoming a distant memory. Love the color of your hair! 🙂

  2. My 65th is Sunday. I consider it a milestone of sorts. But then I celebrate every day that the dirt is below my feet.

    • 65 is a big deal, as is 60. Just not for me. I’m not a celebratory kind of gal.

    • Your birthday is the same as my granddaughter’s. She will be celebrating 3 years, for which she is very excited. So? What’s in the plans for your day?

      • Barneysday

        We live below shaver lake. Lunch on the deck with a few friends, then a cake, although I’m afraid the forest service may be called out because of all the burning candles. Wish your granddaughter happy birthday for me.

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