God is in the little things

Kay’s recent story of found money in her front yard reminded me of a story.

Many years ago, while I was still working at the large inner city high school, our secretary, wanting a way to rescue us from the tyranny of students, decided we should start buying lottery tickets each week. We each contributed $5 to the effort with dreams of hitting a large amount and leaving the school behind. After about five weeks of this, and winning very little, which we plowed back into more tickets, I realized I had lost enough money to have gone out to dinner. It also occurred to me that if God wanted me to have money he would dump it in my front yard. I expressed my feelings to the group and withdrew from any more gambling. As you can probably figure, there was never any big winnings.

However, the next week, when I went to the curb of my front yard, to bring in the garbage can, there in the gutter lay a one dollar bill. That is the kind of money God wants to give me. Very small amounts, very infrequently.


2 responses to “God is in the little things

  1. I have found a twenty now and then, but never with any frequency. A $1 bill is a good start! 🙂

  2. certainabsurdity

    I like that story. 🙂

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