This week in San Francisco

This week I am in San Francisco, Bernal Heights to be exact, housesitting for a friend. Actually, I am cat sitting as the house would be just fine with no one here. There is no yard or other things to tend to, just the cat. This is his morning activity:

Rough life, heh?

This is sort of roughing it for me as there is no wifi here, but there is a modem that will keep me tethered in one spot, and there is no dishwasher. Those are the two major conveniences I like to have in my life. If I was going to be here for more than a week, I might also be bummed that there is no clothes dryer, but I haven’t any clothes to wash, so no problem.

I have a list of projects to work on as well as the Bernal Heights neighborhood to explore.


5 responses to “This week in San Francisco

  1. San Francisco is one of the beautiful spots in the world, in my opinion, so I do hope you enjoy a bit for me, too. 🙂

  2. Hope you’re enjoying your visit so far! I just answered your question about good places for coffee in my blog. At your location, you also have super easy access to two bus lines. The 67 will take you right into the Mission (Mission and 24th) if you feel like exploring around there and the 24 will take you over into Noe Valley which is also really fun to wander around. If you like eating out, Bernal definitely has some really good places to eat. Almost every restaurant on that stretch of Cortland is great. The wine bar (Vino Rosso) is really quaint and lovely. Definitely walk up to the top of the hill to enjoy the awesome view of the city! If you have any other questions about the ‘hood, let me know!

  3. funny how we’ve become dependent on modern conveniences!

    • I love my own stuff. Although nothing fancy, it is of good quality, and it is what works for me. This week of housesitting has really hit home that fact. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to wash dishes!

  4. Another drawback to the flat–gas stove. I cannot cook with a flame.

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