Midmorming break


This is my snack on a very gray, overcast, chilly San Francisco morning. I am staying in, having it in the flat rather than going out. I brought NO cold weather clothes with me as it had been sunny and delightful up here all last week. The weather shifted just as I drove into the city limits.

Thinking I would go out today for awhile, I dressed and carried the garbage bags down the back stairs. I froze in the brisk wind. Decided I would stay put until the sun comes out. May not happen today.

7 responses to “Midmorming break

  1. It’s a lot nicer here in Toronto and we’re going to have a beautiful weekend by the looks of it! Stay warm!

  2. You’re in San Francisco! It can be cold and miserable in August! Or not. Brrrr! 🙂

    • What is funny, it’s 90 degrees in Fresno, where Terry is, and only 53 during the day here. If the sun had come out, it would have been ok. The fog has rolled in this evening. No pretty sunset.

  3. I’ve been on a couple of vacations where we packed for the forecasted weather, only to have it much colder. Now I always bring a sweater and a pair of long pants, no matter where I’m going and what time of year it is.

    • Wish I had done that, Kathy. When we had the apartment in SF, I kept a variety of clothes (all dark colors) so that I was prepared for anything. Being in someone else’s home, though, kept me from having a large wardrobe.

  4. We were in SF the w/e before you were there… froze our buns off… what passes for “cold weather clothing in the spring” in Tucson is not, it seems, appropriate for SF. Moved from there 6 years ago.. how quickly we forgot.

    • I do remember the cold winds blowing through the downtown corridors. I just expected better weather out in Bernal Heights. Ah well, learned to take one pair of long warm black pants any time I go to SF.

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