Field trips redux

When I taught in the large inner city high school, there were lots of field trips. If you were with me back there when I had a teaching career, then you may remember the details of those trips.

We went everywhere, making sure our students dressed professionally, behaved well, asked intelligent questions (because we did lots of research before hand), and wrote thank-you notes when they got back. I was the crazed teacher who worried constantly about how well her students were behaving and keeping an eye on the clock to make sure we got back to the bus on time. Now, I am on the other end. I am the tour guide. It is so much more fun.

The bus arrives, the kids and teachers pile off, they split into groups, and I ask the  mansion tour group to line up on the steps of the large home. I have my script; I know how to line up the students; I have 45 minutes to get them through the house with all the information they will need and then line them up for the servant’s quarters/gift shop visit which is someone else’s responsibility. Then I make a dash through the house, open the door, and greet the next group of students. Two or three of these groups and I’m done and can go home.

It is so much more fun than getting the students back to school and teaching a couple more classes as well as preparing for the next day’s lessons. Less stress, too. I like being the tour guide.

2 responses to “Field trips redux

  1. It sounds like just the thing for you, and you’re good at it. I wish you could be MY tour guide! 🙂

    • Oh, thanks, DJan. The lady who trained me made the comment that I seemed to be a natural for this. Having taught all those years, and loving to talk, sure helps. Also, I can “read” kids and tell what they are thinking and when I should change gears and/or move on. I just want them to have lots of fun and go away thinking, “that was a great field trip.”

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