My favorite kitchen tool

I use my Cuisinart for everything, from chopping to slicing to mixing. Terry bought it for me the first year we moved into this house–in 1980–and I have never stopped using it. This is the third bowl replacement as I tend to wear out the mechanisms that hold the pieces together and I crack the bowls, but the motor and the blades keep going. I have a huge assortment of blades, too, as well as an attachment for beating egg whites.

It all comes apart and goes into the dishwasher. Sometimes, depending on what I am making, I will have to run the dishwasher before I can make the next item. Like when I use the bowl to make a cake, then wash everything so I can chop and dice ingredients to make a hash for dinner.

Back in the mid 80s I volunteered to cook on Saturdays for a women’s shelter which did not have a Cuisinart in their large kitchen, so I packed mine each weekend and took it to make food for about 30 women and children. I couldn’t imagine doing all that prep work without it. I am hopeful that by now they have purchased such a machine, but back then, food processors were not as ubiquitous as they are today.

I no longer have a blender or a crockpot like I did back in the 80s. Those, I found, were easy to live without. No popcorn maker, either, as the microwave variety is all we eat. Gave the ice crusher away when I downsized. The hand-held mixer still comes in handy for mashed potatoes, and I have a juicer I use for lemonade. I never had, nor have wanted, a bread maker. But, the one small appliance I cannot live without is the Cuisinart.

7 responses to “My favorite kitchen tool

  1. I bought one years ago, and I used it a time or two, but when we moved here I left it behind. I never got the habit! Now I’m wondering if I should have. 🙂

  2. I tend to like doing things as manually as possible, not a big appliance fan.

    • If I’m making a simple dish,or a small amount, I often just grab the knives to do the chopping. I inherited my friend’s very nice knife set and have found I love to use them every day. Guess that’s another post I should write. 😎

  3. I can’t remember what year I got my Cuisinart, but I agree with you that it’s quite a handy machine. The other day I was shredding cabbage and the work bowl cover cracked. I tried to find one locally, but ended up ordering online and got an email today that it had been shipped.

    • And the replacements have gotten so expensive! Fortunately, Terry orders them for me. Tells me that’s my Christmas or b’day gift, which is fine with me. I don’t need more stuff, just replace the stuff I love!

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